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     We strengthen the company production equipment unceasingly, from the product research and development to the production process, all strictly control the entire production process by the specialized quality personnel, and is equipped with the independent quality control room, checks strictly by the specialized personnel in view of each system regulation, maintenance stable and high standard quality product.

     We have each kind of precise testing instrument, for example: The Mitutoyo three dimension measurement of coordinates meter, in (outside) the diameter micrometer calipers, several type altimeters, the standard block (stick) the gauge, the HIOS torsion testing machine, the granite platform, the cylinder calliper, the phantom projecting camera, the roughness of surface meter, the aeroseal reflectoscope reflector, the pressure pulling force reflectoscope reflector, degree of hardness take into account electron Vernier caliper. And so on advanced checker, achieves the quality monitoring, to stabilize the request.
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